Mehdi Hussain

Student | Programmer | Entrepreneur

Hi! I'm Mehdi Hussain! A Developer from the Triangle in North Carolina!
This Website holds all of my projects since I have started coding.



The IABAT iOS App was one of the first Production Projects I have ever made.

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A Simple yet powerful PDF Sharing App. Thats All. Nothing More, Nothing less.

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NC Hack

NC Hack provides Hackathons what they need to get started on helping future coders.

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High-Quality and professional Photos at an affordible price. Coming 2021.

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Nonprofit Foundation

A Social Organization Built by Teens to help Nonprofits in the Tech Industry.

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Co-Founder and Head of Product. Provides Websites and Apps to Mosques. Currently Pre-Launch.

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TrueMessage To-Do

A Simple To-Do Web App. Also one of the First Production Apps I had ever made.

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